Evil Eye

by Mutant Flesh

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released January 31, 2020

Recorded in the spring of 2019 by Joe Smiley at Red Planet Recordings. Mastered by James Plotkin. Artwork by Moxie Saturday.

Performed by Alexi Papadopoulos; Bass. Alexei Korolev; Guitar. Adam Fergurson; Drums. Fletcher VanVliet; Vocals.


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Mutant Flesh Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Leviathan (Lord of the Labyrinth)
I’m not a free man. I’m locked inside my own dimension and I can’t seem to find my way out of here. Down another shadowed hallway, forever seeking something beautiful and strange. Hanging over me, the dark beast has come calling my name.

I’m not it’s servant. Shut it out. Scream. Drown out this voice that seems to fill me. It wants to kill me. It’s going to split me open. I’m very near the breaking point now. I can feel this body coming undone. No other way, the dark being inside me needs to be unleashed.

I’m not a dead man. If I could only get free, I’d be in my prime. I’ve got to find the doorway and choose. Do I die alone in here or do I break through? I’ve got to carry it with me, always. Let it live inside. Breathe through me. See through my eyes.
Track Name: Meteoric
So you're trying to save us, do you think thats really wise? Sit down, think it through, take some time. Tell me, can you find a reason? Do you think we can change our ways? Believe me, I want to hear you. Help me believe in the human race.

You think you know what you are saying. You cannot see it. The only way for us is carnage. 

Our fire is burning faster now. Lord have mercy, let our selves burn out soon. Let the fire take us, cleanse this vile spirit. The wind will sweep our ashes. A purifying silence.

We saw a rise and the fall, we rode light atop the clouds. What we built spread across the ground, now all is swallowed.

You think you know what you are doing. Everyday tell little lies. You know if you have sought the answers, the pain inside the empty sky. Life is spent in search of meaning, from which there can be no respite. Ticking clock we built to guide us is ringing madly in the night. 
Track Name: Evil Eye
Many years ago a curse was cast on my soul. Stumbling in a stupor, I couldn’t sense the change. I was a blind man. I know that now but I can’t undo the damage done. I cannot forgive my faults.

Evil eye opens, born of envy. Rooted in the dark mind, slowly consuming. Taking all control, turning me into something inhuman. I’m afraid I finally know what I am.

I’ve had enough of this fate. Now I want to change things... but there is no peace in my brain, only animal instinct. Tearing clear through my skin. My demon seed cast into the wind. I can fight this for now... but I don’t think I can ever win.

Primal scream howling, poisoning my dreams. Rips out my insides, spilling my guts. I’m baring my soul. I feel so exposed... but I’ve got to come clean. I’m afraid that I can’t face this alone.

Evil eye opens, born of envy. Rooted in the dark mind, slowly consuming. Taking all control, it’s driving me now.
Track Name: Black Coffee for the Baron
Falling asleep, the demons inside of me pushing me back up, I am fast to my feet. I am feeling this body changing, I'm not the same. Only my name remains of me.

Into a new dream, I am awaken. I live in the strange hours, I'm stuck in between the moments. In a cyclical motion, unbroken, without an end. All thought to the task at hand. Mind is wide open, receiving the signals of long dead men. Is there no rest for us? Even in our death, we rise again. I’ve been here before, I'll come here forever.
Into the sweetest dream, flooding across the green, adrift in a river of blood and pain. Death rides a screaming steed, everything before him is caught up in flames. He is the emptiness. He is the bringer of pestilence. He is the fire cleansing the earth. He is the pyre in which we burn.

Into a new dream, I am awaken. I've been here before, I'll come here forever. Is there no rest for us?
Track Name: Euthanasia
I was climbing blindly into the afterlife, now falling fast enough to catch a flame. Into mystery, I'm sinking into death, I'm sailing my mind into dark depths. Sinking into the filth of this evil world. Stinking, rotten, choking, violence.

Evil that lurks inside the skin. Darkest of fantasies, the nightmares made of my animal instinct. Voices in my head they have always been poised to push me out. A rotten dog gone rabid, foaming at the mouth. Somebody please put this man down.

Into mystery, I'm sinking into death, Sailing my mind into dark depths. Out in the beyond, I sail the sun. I'm falling faster and faster bursting into flame. A great ball of fire burning.
Track Name: Excremental
I think I’m drowning in a well of my own bullshit. I lost something down here, can’t remember what the hell it is. Breathing dirty waters, lungs filling up with garbage. I feel braindead, somehow still clinging onto life. Something dying inside, I can feel my self dissolving. Your hand could strip my flesh from bone. One word could rip me inside out.

Climbing my way out, finding the way closing. Daylight fading, time is passing swiftly. Falling down into darkness, spinning, body flailing. I reach out my hands but I can’t get a grip on anything. Begin again down below, bloody, battered from the fall. Nearly blind, the lights last sliver clings onto the wall. Climbing my way out, one more time, fingers raw. The final moments of my life spent climbing up and out of this hell.
Track Name: Blight
Wasted half my life, burning with shame. Now I'm following a dream I read from the flames. Stalking down dark hallways, I long to find the light.

Something up from the ash, comes to take my name. One step beyond the veil of an unknown realm. Free falling into impossible space. Adrift in time, under cover of night, drowning in lies.

Somewhere in my mind I see it for what it is. An unnatural world of grey grown up against the grain. We're living a nightmare life, why must we deny?

Wake up, you children slumbering. Rise now, there is no stopping you. Nightmares no more, close this chapter. Once and for all, ever after.

Innocence seen through the lens of desperate men. They take all they want from them, a feast of fiends devouring. Defiling the ancient gardens. Worshipping at the feet of the beast. While we all sleep.
Track Name: Walking Death
A strangers voice is calling, call it my instinct or maybe something ancient has been awakened. I want to believe it shows me things beyond knowledge, into the void and out the other side. Take a deep dive into unknown realms of science. I close my eyes, let them take this body from me.

I know there is pure reason unyielding behind everything. Swallowed in sin, swaddled in sweet caress, give me a quick death. Face down again, far gone in my head, flesh rotting, eyes veiled, in darkness. I’m trying to dig my way deeper into the black abyss and its working. I've clawed my way up and out from it time and time again but I'm worried. There will be no escape for me this time. There will come no final verdict. Destined to dream of better things, drifting off into a nightmarish haze.

Looking through a cracked screen. Looking through the cracks, screaming. I feel empty. Something deep inside of me seeks defeat.

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